Strong Branding

We can create a logo and strong brand for you or integrate your existing logo online. A strong, professional brand creates customer trust and loyalty, this in turn can lead to increased sales.

Social Media

We can link all your social media accounts to your website and set up automated posts so you can write your notification once and it is pushed out to all your platforms. Saving your valuable time.

Under Control

The content management system we use, WordPress, enables you and your employees to take control of your site. Through the secure web interface you can change and update the content from anywhere in the world.

Happy Customers

Your website can help build a better customer relationship, with good communication channels via an updated blog, events calendar, live chat, email, instant messaging or social media. Happy Customers come back.

Instant Reporting

Need to find out which products are viewed the most? We can set up analytics for your site to tell you how, where, how many and when? Whatever your want to know in an instant.

Open 24/7

Your website never has to shut, you can reach a global audience and compete on the same playing field as the large corporations. Your products and services are available for viewing all day every day.


A professional website gives you the opportunity to prove your credibility, the quality of your products and services, display positive feedback to help gain more clients .


Need training for WordPress, we can provide on-site or online training packages to get you up to speed. Phone support is free for a year too, so no worries.