About Us


 We are Rouse & Maple- Carolyn Rouse and Geoff Maple. 

A web and graphic design firm based in Langport, Somerset.

A friendly, professional small business.   🙂


Carolyn Rouse

I am the creative and web side of the company. I have been designing for over 20 years and still love it... I have been lucky enough to work in London, Canada and the States  with clients like Mercedes Benz, Proctor & Gamble and BP on a wide range of brilliant projects- logo design, brochures, web design, brand identity and loads more. I have a MSc in Computing so I bring the worlds of web and graphic design together really well. 


Geoff Maple

I bring balance to Rouse & Maple.  I am the balance between the amazing creative talents of Carolyn and my strategy, sales, marketing and business administration skills.  I have been Head of Strategy at a major global corporation, a sales director, head of collaboration and partnering as well as a Company Secretary.  Rouse & Maple fuses amazing design with strategy to enhance your business. 


Florence Maple

My role is to make sure that the office is warm and comfy enough. I take my job very seriously-woof.

Rouse & Maple is a small (yet brilliant!) website design company based just outside Langport in Somerset, UK. We create affordable websites with exceptional designs including web sites for weddings, small businesses, village halls and B&B's. Our award winning designer, Carolyn Rouse, constantly strives to create exciting, professional, impressive designs that work for your business. Whether we are working with your existing branding or creating a new online identity, we can create designs that stand out from the crowd. Even though we are based in Somerset, with the aid of modern technology, we can easily work with you wherever you are in the country.